Marine Welding Materials >> Welding Electrode >> Mild Steel Electrode >> E6024Mild Steel Electrode AWS E6024
Product Name Mild Steel Electrode
Product No. MHAE411-WE008
GB E4324
AWS E6024
Type of Covering Iron powder Titanium
Welding Position F,HF
Chemical Composition C Mn Si S P Ni Mo Cr V
Guarantee ≤0.035 ≤0.040
Mechanical Properties of Deposited Metal
Test Item Tensile Strengh Rm (MPa) Yield Point ReL (MPa) Elongation A4 (%) Akv1(J)
Guarantee ≥420 ≥330 ≥17
Reference Current(AC/DC)
Electrode Diameter(mm) Electrode Length(mm) Welding Current(A)
3.2 350 80-110 80-110
4.0 400 150-190 150-190
5.0 400 190-250 190-250
Usually it does not need to be baked before use.If allowed to become damp the electrodes should be re-dried for 30~6 minutes at 150°C before use.
Welding low carbon steel structure and request the lid of the surface is bright and clean surface welding

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