Marine Welding Materials >> Welding Wire >> Metal Powder Cored Wire >> E70C-6MMetal Powder Cored Wire AWS E70C-6M
Product Name Metal Powder Cored Wires
Product No. MHAE421-WW019
AWS AWS A5.18 E70C-6M
Welding Wire Type Metal powder flux cored wire
Welding Position F,H,HF,VD
Chemical Composition C Mn Si S P Cr Ni Mo V
Typical 0.05 1.45 0.76 0.018 0.015
Mechanical Properties of Deposited Metal
Test Item Yield Point ReL (MPa) Tensile Strength Rm (MPa) Elongation A 4(%) Akv1(J)Tem Shield Gas
Temp. (℃) Joule
Typical 450 550 27 -30 70 75-80%Ar + balance CO2
Reference Current (DC+)
Mainly for flat and horizontal fillet welding structures fabricated by mild steels or 490MPa tensile strength steels,e.g. ships,automobiles,pipes,machinery and so on. Vertical down welding could be performed if take lower current.

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