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PVC Floor Covering
Product Series Wood grain/Color cloud/Carpet/Marble Series
Dimension 18"*18" / 6"*36"
Thinkness 2.0mm / 3.0mm / 0.35mm-0.70mm
Fire Rating ASTME-84-98 Class B
Surface treatment  / PU
Wear Resistance EN660-2 <2.0m&#13221;
Residual indentation EN433 <=0.1m&#13221;
Resistance to chemicals EN423  /
Flexibility EN435 No damage
Color Fastness EN201 105B02 >=0.6

1.Safe, durable, wearable, fire-resistant, pollution-resistant, anti-static; 2.Be used in lots of different environments; 3.Excellent durablity,wear resistance and stain resistance;
4 Comfortable in walking,easy to clean and change;
5.Strong antibacteria function;
6.With plenty of patterns, designs and colors, also could produce with your own ideas and request.

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