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Wilton Marine Carpet (Fire Retardant)
Marine carpet is made to withstand the tough marine environment without fading or degrading. It is produced from solution dyed fibers, enhanced with UV stabilizers that protect it from extreme salt, sun, and moisture.All kinds of carpet are non-combustible,and get approval from Vessel Classification Societies Certificate.
1. Planing blanket, plump fabric;
2. Structure, square cashmere yarn grams major;
3. Plain or 5 flower color patterns, color harmony, warm and elegant;
4. At the same time to create two symmetrical flower color pictorial carpets, and more efficient.
Wilton carpet and rugs suitable for the production of massive rooms, apartments over shops blankets, plump because of the carpet fabric, elastic, and the laying of comfortable room.
composition Size Pile Height
80%cotton 20%nylon 3.66m X ( 16.8—25) m 6.5mm — 10mm

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