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Product Name BS6566 Meranti Plywood
Product No. Thickness Number of Piles Weight
MMDE600-MP001 4mm 3 19lbs
MMDE600-MP002 6mm 5 25lbs
MMDE600-MP003 9mm 5 37lbs
MMDE600-MP004 12mm 7 50lbs
MMDE600-MP005 18mm 11 72lbs
Standard sheets 4x8' (122 x 244 cm) Meranti marine, BS6566. Meranti BS6566 is an ideal choice for plywood-epoxy-fiberglass composites. WBP Gluelines. Medium weight, good bending & finishing characteristics. Excellent structural plywood.LLoyds Approved. Some voids and wood type variations allowed but still better than marine fir. Recommended for inside parts and in some cases for the hull.

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