Marine Non-Metal Materials >> Panel System >> Marine Plywood >> Okume PlywoodBS1088 Okume Plywood
Product Name BS1088 Okume Plywood
Product No. Thickness Number of Piles Weight
MMDE600-OK001 4mm 3 13lbs
MMDE600-OK002 6mm 5 20lbs
MMDE600-OK003 9mm 5 30lbs
MMDE600-OK004 12mm 7 40lbs
MMDE600-OK005 18mm 11 60lbs
Light and strong. Standard sheets 4x8' (122 x 244 cm) Okoume marine BS1088. A/B Okoume(gabon) face & core veneers. 1.5mm face veneers. Equal or nearly equal laminations. WBP Gluelines. Light weight plywood, excellent bending and finishing characteristics. LLoyds Approved.

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